Employer Objections to Offering Supplemental Benefits


This week I posted my very first poll on LinkedIn. I had seen them for months on the platform, voting on some and ignoring others. In my business, as in every sales job, there is a lot of rejection, which was the driver for my poll's subject matter. Here is the poll with results after about 24 hours.

As you see, "Don't trust that it could cost $0" is a leader by a long shot. If you look for the poll on my LinkedIn, you will see much of the comments were also around this objection. The fact of the matter is a business can offer Supplemental products with no defined employer contribution. I respect the folks who point out that any administration around the benefits can be assigned a cost. My commitment to my clients is that I handle the vast majority of administration. All enrolled employees are equipped with my phone number and call me for claims or anything else. In the most traditional set-up, the employer will receive an invoice in arrears each month that gets paid via the withheld employee deductions. If that invoice is an employer deterrent, I have a "No Invoice" solution.

I was honored that one of my clients commented on the post. See his post below and please let me know if I can provide the same service for you and your business.

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